5 Sisters at 7 Sisters

Happy Thursday everyone! 

Hope everyone is doing well! Yesterday Lindsay, Laura and I organised another bonfire night and lots of people joined – we had such a great time! Chill music in the background, ghost stories, marshmallows, and a midnight swim under a sky full of stars made it such a perfect night!

Just wanted to share some pictures from a hike I did a couple of weeks ago. We were 5 girls who decided to do a hike to a waterfall called the 7 Sisters. We took the bus from the city towards the north.


Met some Swedish people on the bus! 

The hike wasn’t very challenging at all. It only took about 30 minutes to get to the waterfall.

The waterfalls weren’t extremely majestic, but they were a pretty sight and it was lots of fun swimming in the water!


Happy girls in Grenada! 


One of the girls who came with, Annabel, was actually a girl who I met at the Carriacou Carnival. I was watching the parade in Carriacou and I got in contact with some people standing next to me. Annabel was amongst the group of people and we started chatting. She’s from Australia and goes to university there, but is taking a 6 month leave to sail with her father, who sails around the world (as you do, haha!). Annabel and her father were sailing down to Grenada just as I left Carriacou so completely out of coincidence I met Annabel at a restaurant in Grenada! A fun little story of how easy it can be to get in touch with people!


It was a really great outing to do and it’s days like these that I will remember when I think back on my gap year!

– See you soon ! 

7 thoughts on “5 Sisters at 7 Sisters

    • Hi Heather!
      I’m really enjoying! Getting to know the children quite well know and they’re starting to know me well too! We baked a cake today for one of the girls who had their birthday! It’s also very interesting to compare it to my experiences in Cape Town. I feel it is quite similar to the st George’s home, mainly because of the age group but the culture is actually surprisingly similar as well! I miss everyone down there so so much!! I met someone from SA the other day and it brought back so many memories!! Really hope I can visit sometime in the near future 🙂


  1. Hei Anna 😊Det er jo bare makaløst hva du opplever og en stor takk for at du deler det med oss i tekst og flotte bilder. Det virker jo som et eneste langt eventyr!!Du er også så modig og jeg er så stolt av deg , Karibien’s dronning❤️Lev vel! Klem fra oss❤️


    • Du sa det helt rett, det har rett og slett vært/er et langt eventyr. Tror det kommer til å ta litt tid før jeg forstår at jeg faktisk har opplevd alt dette! Føler meg utrolig heldig som har fått lov til å gjøre alt det jeg har gjort!
      Nå kommer familien om halvannen uke – krible litt i magen etter å se dem igjen! ❤️
      Må si jeg gleder meg veldig til norsk sommer også og å se alle hjemme i Noreg 🙂
      Alt bra med deg og Erik?
      STOR KLEM❤️


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