Grenada Hash House Harriers


On Saturday last week I did my first HASH! (and no there was no hasj (hasj = marijuana) involved for those worried norwegians, haha)

You might have heard of a hash before, but I heard of it for the first time when I came to Grenada. So for those who don’t know here comes a little explanation.

There is a community of people known as ‘hashers’ and they organize hashes every Saturday here in Grenada. The hash is a running/walking trail that they organize and there is a lime (barbecue and music) after the hash. The hashing community is world wide, but it is very big here in Grenada because… well Grenada is small and people need things to do 🙂


I did the hash together with a girl called Jess, who’s from the UK and she did some shadowing with me at the hospital and Lindsay was there too. Jess and I walked it because we had no idea how long or hard it was, and then we got to take some photos too, but next Saturday we think we’ll run it…

3 4

The hike started with ‘Grandad’ having to drink beer out of a shoe…… Grandad is an elderly man who is crazy fit and does the hashes every Saturday and whenever someone has new shoes, he has to drink beer out of them, hahaha (crazy people – but makes for good fun 🙂 )


Lindsay, Jess and moi 🙂

The hike was only about 40 minutes, which we heard was unusually short so hopefully it will be longer next weekend – it was lots of fun though 🙂

And theeen this happened….


The people in charge told all the people who hadn’t done a hash before (virgin hashers) to group together for a group photo and then – we were splashed in beer, haha!

They also punished people who had picked fruits during the hash, people who went the wrong way, and even the people who planned the hash, because people thought it was too short. And of course, all the punishments involved beer 🙂

10 11 13Haha – it all made for good laughs. After the hash, we went to Galaxy Night Club (after we showered and everything of course….) to see the launch of the carnival costumes for Grenada’s carnival in August 2015 – more on that later 🙂

Just as a little update in terms of what I am spending my days on (I’m not just lying on a beach all day haha!) After 4 weeks of shadowing at the private hospital with Dr. Ameci, I feel I had learnt a lot, but I was curious to do something else on this island as well. So today, I visited an orphanage that the Jason Roberts Foundation has been involved with and I will be volunteering there for the next 3 weeks – very excited about that 🙂 We are also planning an event for the JRF foundation, which will take place the the 18 April here in Grenada. But we’re still in the process of planning so I’ll update you as we go 🙂

Ciao for now!

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