I thought I would just start off by introducing myself even though this was mainly created for friends and family. Nevertheless, I’m Anna Thomassen and I’m 18 years old. I graduated from the International School of Luxembourg in June 2014 and will now embark on a gap year. I’ve lived in Luxembourg for most of my life, 13 years to be exact, but I am and will always be a very proud Norwegian!

Anna speech graduation

I’ve always been one to love adventures, traveling and taking part in new experiences. I enjoy doing things I’ve never done before and I’ve been involved in many different and new experiences throughout my school years. Taking a gap year is always something I’ve seen myself doing, traveling, working with people and, well, doing things I’ve never done before! I believe there is a lot to learn outside text books and that is why I hope this year can teach me almost as much as any year at school could. After my gap year I wish to study medicine and with at least 5-7 years at university, I don’t think it hurts to spend a year outside an academic environment!




Living in central Luxembourg has enabled me to explore a lot of Europe, I’ve been a tourist in both NYC and Miami, and I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Tanzania for two weeks with my school two years ago to help at an orphanage and a school. I will now expand my travels and fill up my passport pages with plenty of stamps by going to Cape Town, South Africa and Grenada. Well, first I need to get my passport back from the South African embassy, who are hopefully granting me a visa…

On Saturday I leave for Cape Town where I will stay for 3 months. I will volunteer through the organisation ViaVolunteers at two different orphanages, Fikelela Children’s Home and St. George’s Home for Girls. I have also signed up for a one week scuba-diving course (a bit nervous for this part). My journey will then continue on to Grenada where I will volunteer for the Jason Robert’s Foundation.

cape town collage

The following websites can give you some more information on the projects:

  • Fikelela Children’s Home: http://www.viavolunteers.com/volunteer-south-africa-fikelela-children-khayelitsha-cape-town
  • St. George’s Home for Girls: http://www.viavolunteers.com/volunteer-south-africa-childrens-home-girls-cape-town
  • Jason Roberts Foundation: http://jasonrobertsfoundation.com/index.htm

So the countdown is soon over, so I need to get packing and I’ll soon be good to go!


I will be taking pictures and updating regularly so family and friends can keep updated with whatever I’m up to 🙂



2 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Dear Anna,
    I wish you all the best during your exciting trip starting shortly. South Africa is a country well worth to explore. I have lived in Johannnesburg for 9 months back in 1968, at that time governed by the Apartheid Regime. Today I understand Jo´burg is not as safe as it used to be. I have recently been in South Africa twice and flown into Cape Town. The Cape Provinces are extremely interesting and you will no doubt get know the Garden Route from Western Cape to Eastern Cape.
    Kind regards,
    Bente and Jan Randulf


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