A Sunday on Hog Island!

Hello everyone!

I’ve been slow with my blogging, but I’m prioritising experiencing rather than writing about past ones! So today I’m sharing with you something I experienced a couple of weeks ago.




Lindsay and I had met two people during our hash who asked if we wanted to come to a small island, Hog Island, which is just a quick boat ride from Grenada. As keen adventurers we thought, why not! We took a small boat to the island and as we approached, our ears filled with beautiful acoustic music! On a small stage out in the water, two very talented girls were singing beautifully and it was just as if we were in a dream – a little bit too good to be true! The sun was high in the sky, we were around great company and the music completely set the mood!

I put together a short video as pictures just couldn’t explain the great experience we had! Unfortunately the sound isn’t so great, but I hope you enjoy!

We ended the night with a beautiful sunset! Oh Sundays in Grenada I will miss you ❤


And look what I found on Hog Island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!!! An Ingrid boat! *missingmyfavouritegirl* ❤


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