Hiking up Table Mountain!


Time is flying by and I only have 3 more days left at St. George’s now before I start my last week of volunteering at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital.

The weekend before I went to Port Elizabeth, I went to go see Alex at Ashanti in Cape Town. We decided to (I made him) walk up Table Mountain! I had been at the top of the mountain before when I did my abseiling, but I had still wanted to actually hike up. 

So off we went on an approximately 2-hour hike. We weren’t exactly super clever when we decided that hiking at 13:00 on the hottest day in Cape Town so far would be a good idea – but we managed to get up within 2 hours by chugging 2 big water bottles!!


The scenery when walking up Table Mountain is absolutely breath taking! It’s so cool that you can hike up a pretty tall mountain and get an awesome view over a metropolitan city – you can’t do that many places around the world. That’s probably one of the reasons as to why Cape Town was voted #1 place to visit by the Telegraph this year 🙂 DSC_0389 DSC_0395

Some absolutely gorgeous nature is found all along the hike

DSC_0405 DSC_0415

It was a great feeling coming to the top and we could see for miles and miles all over Cape Town city seeing as it was such a clear day.


Alex and Cape Town


Me and Cape Town

What’s nice about Table Mountain is that you have the possibility to walk quite far even once you’re at the top. So Alex and I decided to walk around on the top and from being in the middle of a huge tourist attraction with hundreds of tourists, you can end up in quite a remote area!


Not a sound or a person – so peaceful! 

We (Alex… haha) decided we should take the cable car down. It was nice to catch up with Alex again and it had been such a great day (especially in terms of working on my tan 🙂 )


2 thoughts on “Hiking up Table Mountain!

  1. For en utsikt og for en plass! Nydelig natur, der skulle jeg gjerne ha vært. Takk for sist forresten, veldig hyggelig å snakke med deg. Fint at du har det bra og at du trives godt. Tenker du har nedtelling for tiden. Besøk fra familien blir jo toppers nå! Jeg gleder meg på dine vegne. Håper vi kan ringes en gang i julen også. Jeg sender deg en melding for å høre om det passer. Ha en god arbeidsuke med alt som det inneholder. Klem


  2. Hallo Anna vennen😊Store kontraster mellom våre siste naturopplevelser 😊 Din tur kledd i vakker sommer prakt og vår kledd i hvit vinter prakt…. Herlig og godt for kropp og sjel!! Gratulerer med mammaen din i dag. Ja nå er det nedtelling for familien som virkelig har mye å glede seg til. Lev vel! Vi snakkes. Klem


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