Family Brunch chez les MacArthurs

Hope you enjoyed looking at some tasty cupcakes yesterday! Now over to some more food! (I can ensure you no one is letting me starve down here in ‘Africa’ haha!!)

Last Saturday it got busy at the MacArthur’s, because it was family brunch time, and by family I mean the whole family! Ronney’s cousin had her wedding the day before, so a lot of the extended family had come down to Cape Town from all over South Africa, and so to see them all, Ronney decided to prepare a brunch for everyone at their house.

At what a brunch! The food looked absolutely gorgeous and there was a lot of it too!



The whole family was hard at work all of Friday evening with Ronney being the master chef! And suddenly we had a brunch table which looked as lovely as this:


We had everything from scones to croissants, quiches and cakes.

DSC_0361 DSC_0363 DSC_0366 DSC_0368 DSC_0370 DSC_0373

There were a lot of people to meet but everyone was very kind and open to the new member of the extended family – Anna, the volunteer from Norway. It almost ended up being easier to pretend that Ronney and them had just adopted me haha. I even got to be a part of the extended family picture 🙂

Photo 08-12-2014 09 36 34

 I’m off to St. George’s to work now! More to come later!

One thought on “Family Brunch chez les MacArthurs

  1. Hallo Anna vennen😍Det er morsomt å se at det er likheter mellom hvordan tilrettelegge for selskap i Cape Town og på Hvaler😀Det er tydelig at det er viktig med mye god mat til gjestene😄Nå har du fått familien din ned, og det er stort for dere alle og vi følger med dere. Lev vel❤️Klem


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