Truck of Love

On Tuesday, the girls at St. George’s were met by a wonderful surprise! Santa came to visit a couple of days early! And it wasn’t Santa from the Northpole, no it was Santa from the South African radio station KFM. And he had brought lots and lots of presents for everyone!


Cameras were everywhere and the girls were truly in the spotlight! It was such a great event and the girls got absolutely lovely presents.

Camera, lights and action – SMILE 🙂 


All of santa’s helpers and Santa himself from KFM made it a wonderful event for the girls! They were very lucky to get such a fun surprise – I must admit I was very jealous.



The big Christmas truck was filled with beautiful Christmas decorations! What a great idea from KFM! The Truck of Love has been visiting various organisations for a couple of years and this year St. George’s was lucky to have been chosen and the Christmas truck came to them. Such a great initiative by KFM!


DSC_0275A big thank you to KFM and Standard Bank for putting a big smile on all the girls’ faces! Such a great memory for all of them to have that they will remember for a long time! It’s so great to see the girls get a chance to experience moments like these because those moments are such important building blocks for them to become who they are. It helps make Christmas a fun and enjoyable time and teaches them to appreciate other people’s kindness!

I put together a little video from the event, hope you enjoy 🙂

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