Grenada Sailing Festival



Last week there was an ongoing sailing festival in Grenada and over the weekend there was a big happening on the main beach, Grand Anse!

On Sunday, Lindsay and I walked up and down Grand Anse beach, after our scuba dive and got the proper sailing festival vibe! Just a little bit of background:

  • Yes, I went scuba diving Sunday morning  (more on that later, but it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!).
  • Who is Lindsay? I met Lindsay quite early on here in Grenada. Lindsay is Carly’s and Jason’s training coach and I’ve been joining them on their training sessions every Tuesday and Thursday, Lindsay kills us every time, but she’s really great! She’s 25 and is working for a start-up company here in Grenada who work with rehabilitation and fitness. She’s working here alone so we’ve planned lots of stuff during my stay here 🙂


Lindsay and I also met some people during our scuba diving course and they came with to grab some lunch with us after our scuba dive *making friends* 🙂


Here’s Laura ordering some local food! Laura was our scuba diving instructor. She’s 20 and comes from Spain and is now working as a scuba diving instructor in Grenada! I always get so inspired hearing people’s stories 🙂 

Also, oil down is the national dish here in Grenada. It’s a stew of breadfruit, salted meat or chicken, coconut milk and spices and looks like this: 

oil down


Just thought I’d throw in a picture of me in paradise a.k.a Grand Anse beach

There was lots of music, food, people – a proper Grenadian atmosphere!

I made a little video from our walk up and down the beautiful Grand Anse! Enjoyyyy 🙂

– By the way, the music in the video is a type of soca music, which is the genre of music they make/play here in Grenada! You can’t really sit still and listen to soca; dancing is a must!

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