A Little Taste of Paradise


I just wanted to wish you all a good Friday morning. Well, I also wanted to make you a little bit jealous of my stay here in Grenada 🙂 *beach, beach beach*

DSC_0031 - Version 2

Magazine beach


La Sagesse beach


La Sagesse beach DSC_0051


Otherwise, I just wanted to let you all know that I started shadowing at a hospital here in Grenada on Monday. It is the only private hospital here on the island and I have gotten the chance to sit in on consultations with a great doctor! I also spent a day in the laboratory where they did all the blood work and various other tests. It’s been very interesting to see the difference in health systems between Norway, Luxembourg, South Africa and Grenada – I’ll give you a more boring and long summary a little bit later. I’ll be at the hospital for a couple of weeks before I do some other stuuuff!

On Saturday is Grenada’s independence day – the island is going to be one big party; can’t wait 🙂

 – Have a great weekend! 

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