Abseil Africa

Hey everyone!


Last weekend I did … that!

I went abseiling/rappelling down Table Mountain because, well, why not 🙂

I took the cable car up to the top just to make sure I was on time for the abseil.


I wasn’t too nervous actually before I got started, just more excited about it and up for a challenge. I had gone abseiling before, but never from that high up or for so long. The abseil from Table Mountain is actually the highest commercial abseil you can do, 113 metres long.


I’m tightly secured and told that the ropes can hold several tons, so I really should be fine… They also tell me they’ve given me a parachute incase something happens – after a while I realized they were just kidding.

Helmet, gloves and harness on – hands in the air! (This is when my heart starting beating just a couple times faster than normal). And well down I go!


❊Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by moments that take our breath away❊


During the first part of the abseil I could put my legs against the mountain wall, but about half way down, there was no more mountain – so there I was hanging free in the air!

To conclude, I survived, and it was a lot of fun – such a cool experience!

It was about a 20 minute hike to get back up to the top, where I had a stroll around the top of Table Mountain. It was such a beautiful day – the sun was warm and high in the sky so I stayed at the top for a couple of hours just enjoying life, haha! After some lunch and sun tanning, I took the cable car back down.


The view from Table Mountain – The peak is Lion’s Head which I climbed during my first week (now you can see it kind of looks like a lion/sphinx. The flat island out in the ocean is Robben Island, and in the distance you might be able to see Cape Town Stadium


Strolling around Table Mt. 


This is me enjoying life!


Apart from abseiling, I spent Sunday and Monday sick all day in bed but thankfully I quickly recovered and all signs of sickness are now gone (no it wasn’t ebola…)!


Just by the way, being in Rome/London means you are closer to the outbreak area of ebola than being in Cape Town…

Next weekend I would like to walk up and down Table Mountain, rather than take the cable car – but before that, my fourth week at Fikelela is awaiting.

10 thoughts on “Abseil Africa

  1. STILIG Anna !!! hva du opplever, fordi du våger og ønsker. Lykke til videre på ferden….
    Flott at Frida kunne inervjue deg til skoleprosjektet sitt, hyggelig av deg å ta deg tid til det.
    stor klem fra Hege 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. When we talked with you on viber today, you said you have so much energy . What a great word. For me, it was the same meaning as – that you love your life at the moment:)
    My advice is to keep on living in PRESENT – NOT future:)
    Love mom


  3. Du Er en tøffing Anna,men det var vel gøy når durappelerte?Jeg drev mye med det på Nordsjøen.Følger med deg,det er Mye du får være med på ser frem til neste innlegg,klem.


  4. Hei Anna- ser ut som om du koser deg og får oppleve mange nye og spennende ting! Fortsett å nyte dagene og opplevelsene, dette vil bli minner for livet! Tøff er du også, kilte i magen når jeg leste om denne klatringen i høyden der 🙈💪👍
    Klem fra Julie, Mina og Tone 💎


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