Bobo Alex

Bobo Alex, or Brother Alex, as they he’s called here.

For the past 3 weeks I have been the only volunteer from Ed and Heather’s organization Via Volunteers who has been working at Fikelela and staying at Pat’s, but now there’s another one of us!!

His name is Alex Stepniewskiand he is a 19 year old from Canada who is spending 3 months in South Africa. He arrived on Thursday last week, and it feels really great to have someone around who will be following the same routine as me.


It will also be good to have another person who can help out with the children at Fikelela. There are a lot of them and when I’ve been the new/interesting/white person, it would get busy and hectic, so now that he’s arrived, it will be easier to do some activities with the children.DSC_0366

Here we got the children doing a fun activity and Alex helping out

Even just having someone to eat dinner with at Pat’s makes quite a difference.

Although I only have 2 more weeks at Fikelela, it’s nice to have someone around for the time remaining!

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