Shopping in Grenada (Grocery shopping that is)

Good morning!

Happy Friday! In Grenada, Fridays means Beach Friday! After work and school everyone goes to the beach for a lime and has a nice relaxing evening there! It’s a good life indeed 🙂

Today I want to talk about grocery shopping in Grenada, haha!

Traveling to new places always gives such a good insight into differences around the world. That’s what I love about traveling that you get to see so many differences, which you never would’ve thought existed. That’s what grocery shopping in Grenada makes you think about, haha. So today comes a little culture update from Grenada.

Photo 27-01-2015 12 52 03As you can see, the supermarket above is quite modern and looks like any other supermarket. However, seeing as Grenada is an island, it cannot produce all the food and goods it sells itself; a lot of the goods have to be imported. So what’s not locally produced, can often not be on the shelves. That’s why it’s not too uncommon to see empty shelves around in the store.

Photo 27-01-2015 12 53 13

The store is usually restocked on a Thursday (don’t ask me why), and so by Monday/Tuesday the following week, the store is usually low on stock. That’s why it’s vital to get to the store early Thursday morning to get what you need for the week!

Another interesting difference is the fruit and vegetables here. To say the least, they are very different from the fruit and vegetables back home.

Photo 27-01-2015 12 49 41

I was very confused at first when I saw all these green and yellow fruits in all shapes and sizes. The way I know my fruits are that

  • mandarines = orange
  • oranges = … orange
  • lemons = yellow
  • limes = green

But that’s not the case in Grenada.

  • lemons = green
  • limes = usually yellow
  • mandarines = green/yellow
  • oranges = green/yellow

So I tend to be surprised whenever I cut open a fruit over here…

Photo 22-01-2015 14 22 31Tomatoes are not necessarily sold red, as you can see here the majority are usually green…

Photo 22-01-2015 14 23 01

Bananas are not perfectly yellow, but usually are covered in brown spots.

Also, if they don’t have what you need in the big supermarket, there are small local shops around that also sell food and other necessities, such as the one below.

Photo 22-01-2015 14 48 27

Photo 22-01-2015 14 49 07 Photo 22-01-2015 14 48 42

As you can see, the bananas are not necessarily yellow. Here they eat green bananas that are not ripe and they use it as a vegetable (you treat it like a potato).

Back home all our fruits and vegetables are imported from all over the world. The fruits and vegetables we find in our stores usually look 100% perfect, no brown spots on the bananas, perfectly red tomatoes, shiny red and green apples. In Grenada most of their fruits and vegetables are locally produced, which causes the fruits to look a bit more ‘damaged’. I might not be right, but I feel that the fruits and vegetables back home have been covered in pesticides and chemicals to make them look perfect, whereas here they are more organic and natural. 

Anyway, it’s interesting to see differences in various places around the world! 

Photo 27-01-2015 12 53 16Carly out shopping: Still no cucumber (there hasn’t been any for 2 weeks), yesterday there was no chicken, and the other day we spent the ‘whole’ day looking for paprika (grocery shopping gets interesting 🙂 )

One thought on “Shopping in Grenada (Grocery shopping that is)

  1. Hallo Anna😊Herlig og interresant å få bli med på shopping i Grenada😊for et utvalg av frukt og grønt😄! Lev vel 👍Klem fra oss


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