La Familia <3

Ahh, I can’t believe it! I get to see my favourite 4 people in just under one day 🙂 They arrive Saturday afternoon and I just can’t wait! It’s very strange to think about that I haven’t seen these guys for 3 whole months. I went through this when I was in South Africa as […]

Home bound!

Hey everyone!  It’s been long since last time, but I’m still alive and I’m back 🙂 ! Last Friday I arrived back HOME! It was a veery long and exhausting journey….35 hours and I can quite literally say that I traveled around the world as I went from Cape Town – Johannesburg – Abu Dhabi – Frankfurt – […]

Surf’s Up!

After I had finished my scuba diving course, I thought I would challenge myself just a little bit further by trying some suurfing!  It didn’t take long before I learned that surfing is not easy! I knew it would be difficult, because I’ve never quite understood how those surfers get up on their boards, but that I […]