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Hello, hello!

Hope everyone had a great start to the week!

I arrived safely back from Carriacou on Wednesday (despite the ferry I was supposed to take being full and so I ended up having to take a veeery small “ferry” (it was not a ferry!) back to Grenada – but I survived and pushed my sea-sickness levels a little bit further 🙂 )

I just had some pictures and stories from Carriacou that I wanted to share with you before I update you on the rest of what’s been going on!



I lived on the beautiful beach called Paradise Beach, which had crystal blue waters and the whitest sand you could find. It was sooooo sooo beautiful (couldn’t come up with a more creative adjective).

The accommodation itself though, was … so-so (my adjectives are really not too great this time…).

DSC_0038 DSC_0007 DSC_0009

Detailss, haha! 

DSC_0011 DSC_0014 DSC_0016

Yes, I did end up taking Koster-showers. For those of you who don’t know what that is, I think you’re better off not knowing haha!

Thoughts from Carriacou:

My accommodation was far from luxurious. It did lack air conditioning and well looked like what you saw in the photos. The place didn’t have any website or pictures online that I had looked at before I came there so I had no idea what to expect. So at first, I will admit I was a little bit … curious as to how this would work out. But after all, this is my gap year and money needs to be used sparingly, so I would make this work I thought. On my first night at the guest house, the owner, Sam, asked me if I wanted to go to a small town with him where they had live music. Well, why not I thought. So we went to a restaurant and had a delicious pizza (it was Friday after all – everyone knows the Thomassen tradition 🙂 ). We then went to a local bar and watched a band play local music and then five guys started playing African drums and they literally started playing with fire!


So, because I lived where I lived, I got to experience a really great night out in Carriacou!

Furthermore, there was a small bar located at the end of Paradise Beach, which I went to go check out on Saturday. Here I met some cool people who bought me drinks, hehe, and we had a fun night together. We were joined by a young couple from England as well and it was a fun Saturday night on the beach! Once again, this happened because of where I was staying!



Off the Hook Bar and Grill! What a great place 🙂


DSC_0051To continue my little thought process: On Sunday night I met Sam’s (the owner of Hope’s Inn) son, who was about 20 years old. He asked if I wanted to go to the jouvert with him on Monday morning and that’s how I ended up doing the whole carnival, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have gone that early in the morning! Denzel showed me how to properly do the carnival, Carriacou style, and it made it a lot more fun to do it with someone!

So, even though the accommodation wasn’t exactly the perfect situation, there were a lot of exciting things that came out of it! I think that’s important to keep in mind sometimes and that things usually work out for the better. I’ve seen that a lot while I have been out traveling, that although something doesn’t seem too great at first, there’s usually something good that comes out of it. It’s just important to go look for an adventure or an experience and it will usually come to you.

QUOTEE*Anna going deep*

And finally I’m going to share my last little ‘coincidence’ story. On the Tuesday of the carnival, Denzel was working so I decided to check out the parade by myself. As I was standing on the pavement, a slightly elderly man approached me and asked me where I was from. We got to talking and he actually spoke Swedish, although he was Polish. He was with a group of people who were on sailboats in Carriacou. One of them was a girl from Australia who was in her twenties and was sailing with her father for some time. I ended up having dinner with them and the girl, Annie, said they were sailing to Grenada shortly. On Friday afternoon as I was having some drinks at a restaurant back in Grenada she walks in all of a sudden!! And we’ve been getting together a couple of times now since we met here in Grenada. So, always lots of coincidences taking place and I still get super excited when they take place 🙂

There you got some information from my stay in Carriacou and an Anna deep in thought this Monday evening!


See you soon x


I experienced CARRIACOU CARNIVAL 2015 ! And what an experience!


I’m not quite sure where to start in trying to explain carnival to you, so I put together a video instead which I hope will give a good impression of everything I experienced.

Just before you watch it here’s just a little Carnival background information:

  • Carnival in Carriacou takes place on Monday and Tuesday of the third week in February every year in Carriacou
  • Monday morning starts with jouvert (pronounced juvĂ©) early in the morning which involves partying and throwing paint on each other. The jouvert also includes the jab-jab which originates from the slavery that took place on the Caribbean islands a long time ago. This is where the men paint themselves with black paint and chant.


We woke up at 4:30 for the morning jouvert


Denzel and I after Jouvert


The Jab-Jab men

  • There are parades on Monday and Tuesday where people dress up in costumes and they are in ‘bands’. So you sign up for different bands where everyone dresses up similarly


So now that you know a little bit more about carnival – ENJOY 🙂

(Remember to watch the video in the highest resolution possible!)

Sandy Island!

Hola, hola!

Just thought I’d stop by and show you some pictures from my little excursion yesterday to an island called Sandy Island, which is a very small island, with a lot of … sand! It was a quick 5 minute boat ride from the beach where I’m staying so I got a water taxi to take me there!

DSC_0076Although the island looked like a paradise from where i saw it, I was a little disappointed when I got there (but then again I’ve set my standards pretty high now, haha!) Although the sea was beautiful and the sand was paradise-white, there wasn’t actually that much beach since the tide was so high, so there wasn’t actually that much sand to lie on. But it was pretty stunning.


My fantastic water taxi

DSC_0032 Welcome to Sandy Island


I spent a couple of hours on the island before I returned to the beach on the other side of the ocean *tough life*, haha!


Book, music, beach, and ocean – just how I like it

Today I’ve participated in Carriacou carnival – there’s a lot to say about that!! Still trying to wrap my head around everything that happened, but more on that tomorrow!

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Hello everyone!

Lack of internet has meant no blogging – but I found some working wi-fi so we good 🙂

A little update since last time you heard from me; on Friday morning I left for an island called Carriacou! Carriacou is part of Grenada and is a 2 hour ferry trip away from Grenada. They are having their carnival on Monday and Tuesday so I decided to go check it out.


Leaving St. Georges, Grenada


Just a sailboat and the ocean

I arrived in Carriacou after a pretty bumpy ferry ride. I didn’t have a ride to go the where I was staying so I was happy to hear someone asking “Taxi? Taxi?”. This guy didn’t exactly have a taxi, but he had a car and took people different places. He gave me his business card and it said architect and designer. He had also worked as a secondary school teacher, haha! He very kindly offered to give me a tour of the island, so before I knew it I was eating lunch with Randolph before my 2-hour Carriacou tour!


Any modeling companies out there? I’m available, haha! 

DSC_0080 The first stop was the hospital on Carriacou. I got a chance to get a peak inside and it was extremely primitive. Interestingly enough they had a separate ward for males and females. There were currently 7 patients in the hospital, haha!


Randolph then took me to see a very special and unique cemetery…it was located on the beach! Quite creepy actually.


The dead get the best views on the island, haha! 

We also passed a group of children getting ready for the carnival!


Carriacou only has a population of 8,000 people and is only 34 squared km big/small. It was a really beautiful island, very lush and green. It was very poor though and apart from the main city, Hillsborough, the rest of the island is made up of small villages which are quite poor.


Overlooking the main city, Hillsborough


Like, people ride donkeys…

Thanks to Randolph for an excellent tour!!


I hadn’t planned the trip very far ahead, so when I was looking for accommodation a lot was fully booked because of the carnival. But I found one place which had space which was called Hope’s Inn. It is located about 10 minutes from the town and is on a beach called Paradise beach 🙂 The guest house is very simple and quite run-down but it works!

DSC_0038 DSC_0043

Quite correctly named, Paradise Beach

DSC_0046The good life 

More updates will come shortly!

Scuba time!

I took my PADI scuba diving course in Cape Town, and it was one of the best weeks of my life!

Therefore, when I came to Grenada and heard that scuba diving was big over here – well I had no choice but to sign up and go scuba diving as quickly as possible. Luckily Lindsay had also just taken her scuba diving course and so we decided to go together one Sunday!

And I can’t say anything else but – WOW! Scuba diving in Grenada was absolutely amazing!
Photo 09-02-2015 23 51 49

Lindsay, Anna (a girl we met on the boat), and me looking funny in my scuba diving gear, haha

In Cape Town the water was 13 degrees, visibility was 4 metres and it was a big deal when we actually saw something. In Grenada the water was 26 degrees, visibility was 10 metres and there were things to see everywhere! What was good about doing my scuba diving course in Cape Town though was that I will be more prepared for other things! But not freezing under water after 10 minutes and seeing all this beautiful marine life was a huge plus for Grenada 🙂

Photo 09-02-2015 23 51 54On our first dive we went to the famous Grenadian underwater sculpture park. These sculptures are an art project and were sunk to the bottom of the ocean in 2006. They were quite creepy to dive with, haha, but a must do in Grenada 🙂

grenada scuba 2

grenada scuba 5 grenada scuba 1

I didn’t get a chance to take any photos under water on my first two dives, but I did two more with Lindsay last Sunday and she brought her GoPro with, so I’ll show you those photos once she’s sent them to me 🙂

grenada scuba 3 grenada scuba 4

Here are just some photos from Gooooogle!  
Photo 09-02-2015 23 51 58

I’ll be doing lots more scuba diving while I’m here in Grenada! But now I’m off to the hospital.

Have a great day x

Thursday Bonfire Night


After Lindsay and I made some frieeends during our scuba dive last weekend, we were invited along to have a bonfire on Grand Anse beach as it was the night of the full moon!

Before we met Laura and Andre for the bonfire I joined Lindsay’s zumba lesson, which was so much fun (and so exhausting!!).

First step was starting the fire, which you can see Laura completed very well (although we did contribute a little to global warming with our burning of plastics, but you got to do what you got to do 🙂 )



With the full moon in the background and the fire going, the mood was set! 


Laura and Andre had done an excellent shopping round and bought us all some hot dogs, chips, cookies and chocolates for smores and of course some wine!


With my excellent nature skills I made us all some excellent sticks to put the hotdogs on *proud*!


Laura, Lindsay and myself


Check out our cosy little set-up! Haha, can you spot Andre in the background? 


Crisis: Marshmallow on fiiiiiire!! 

It was an absolutely amazing evening! So much fun hanging out with Linsay, Andre and Laura! We told ghost stories, had good laughs and had a compulsory midnight swim. Doing things like this really makes me so happy I decided to take a gap year and I feel I’m filling my life with lots of amazing experiences!

Beach Workout!

DSC_0033 DSC_0035

On Thursday we had the best workout session I’ve ever had in my life! We were surrounded by miles and miles of white sand and turquoise water (You might sense my excitement of these views still after 3 weeks here, and I don’t think I’ll get tired of seeing this view any time soon 🙂 )

DSC_0037 DSC_0044

Like I mentioned before, Lindsay trained Carly and Jason here on the island and I’ve been training with them too. We usually train in a gym, but as creative as Lindsay is, she brought the gym to the beach. It is super motivating to exercise with such stunning views around! We feel like it would be a very good million dollar idea – who doesn’t want to workout when you can do it in a “gym” like this?

So if anyone is looking to get fit – book a ticket to Grenada and Lindsay will make sure you return with the best beach body, haha!

(Big thanks to Jason for some excellent photography by the way! It suited him better to take pictures of us suffering, rather than joining our workout….haha!) 


Today’s Grenada’s Independence Day, so we’re having a relaxing Saturday morning before we’re off to some of Carly and Jason’s friend’s house to celebrate with the national dish, oil down and the “national” drink: rum 🙂

A Little Taste of Paradise


I just wanted to wish you all a good Friday morning. Well, I also wanted to make you a little bit jealous of my stay here in Grenada 🙂 *beach, beach beach*

DSC_0031 - Version 2

Magazine beach


La Sagesse beach


La Sagesse beach DSC_0051


Otherwise, I just wanted to let you all know that I started shadowing at a hospital here in Grenada on Monday. It is the only private hospital here on the island and I have gotten the chance to sit in on consultations with a great doctor! I also spent a day in the laboratory where they did all the blood work and various other tests. It’s been very interesting to see the difference in health systems between Norway, Luxembourg, South Africa and Grenada – I’ll give you a more boring and long summary a little bit later. I’ll be at the hospital for a couple of weeks before I do some other stuuuff!

On Saturday is Grenada’s independence day – the island is going to be one big party; can’t wait 🙂

 – Have a great weekend! 

Grenada Sailing Festival



Last week there was an ongoing sailing festival in Grenada and over the weekend there was a big happening on the main beach, Grand Anse!

On Sunday, Lindsay and I walked up and down Grand Anse beach, after our scuba dive and got the proper sailing festival vibe! Just a little bit of background:

  • Yes, I went scuba diving Sunday morning  (more on that later, but it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!).
  • Who is Lindsay? I met Lindsay quite early on here in Grenada. Lindsay is Carly’s and Jason’s training coach and I’ve been joining them on their training sessions every Tuesday and Thursday, Lindsay kills us every time, but she’s really great! She’s 25 and is working for a start-up company here in Grenada who work with rehabilitation and fitness. She’s working here alone so we’ve planned lots of stuff during my stay here 🙂


Lindsay and I also met some people during our scuba diving course and they came with to grab some lunch with us after our scuba dive *making friends* 🙂


Here’s Laura ordering some local food! Laura was our scuba diving instructor. She’s 20 and comes from Spain and is now working as a scuba diving instructor in Grenada! I always get so inspired hearing people’s stories 🙂 

Also, oil down is the national dish here in Grenada. It’s a stew of breadfruit, salted meat or chicken, coconut milk and spices and looks like this: 

oil down


Just thought I’d throw in a picture of me in paradise a.k.a Grand Anse beach

There was lots of music, food, people – a proper Grenadian atmosphere!

I made a little video from our walk up and down the beautiful Grand Anse! Enjoyyyy 🙂

– By the way, the music in the video is a type of soca music, which is the genre of music they make/play here in Grenada! You can’t really sit still and listen to soca; dancing is a must!

Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal ala Grenada


On Friday it was time to test Jason and my skills in tennis. Jason had booked a tennis lesson and he was kind enough to let me join in! The sun was high in the sky and it was HOT!

Forgetting how incredibly exhausting tennis can get, it didn’t take long before we were breathing heavily and the sweat was dripping.

DSC_0020 DSC_0021

Despite taking lessons years ago, there wasn’t much to show off with…


Jason showing off his skills… 

Although we quickly realized we need to get in way better shape, the one hour of tennis was a lot of fun! We had a trainer who pushed our limits hard, but it’s always a good feeling to feel the heartbeat pounding.

Tennis will be the Friday tradition, so we’ll be entering the Wimbledon shortly 🙂