La Familia <3

Ahh, I can’t believe it! I get to see my favourite 4 people in just under one day 🙂

They arrive Saturday afternoon and I just can’t wait!


It’s very strange to think about that I haven’t seen these guys for 3 whole months. I went through this when I was in South Africa as well and thought about them every day. When you’ve lived in the same house as someone for your whole life and then suddenly you leave for 3 months, I think it’s just very natural that you’ll miss them a lot. When I was in South Africa it was quite a challenge to be away from them and I would keep a constant count down until they came. It’s been a little different here in Grenada, where I have missed my family a lot but I’ve been more okay with being away from them. I think it’s a combination of me living with a family that I knew slightly from before and also the social group I’ve developed here – lots of friends all around 🙂

IMG_8751IMG_8585 IMG_8347

These 4 people mean the absolute world to me and I am so looking forward to spending the next 2 weeks with them here in Grenada and showing them all the great places I’ve seen and people that I’ve met.


The first day they came to South Africa – it was a little too good to be true! 

IMG_8034 IMG_8124

IMG_9122 IMG_8167Have a safe flight you guys! See you soon ❤

5 thoughts on “La Familia <3

  1. Ønsker dere en fin ferie sammen. Kan tenke meg hvor fantastisk det føles❤️. God påske fra Erik og Anne-Jorid🐥


  2. Enjoy all five of you wonderful People. Hugs from Denmark ❤️

    Sendt fra min iPhone

    > Den 03/04/2015 kl. 17.43 skrev Anna Thomassen : > > >


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