Spa Day at LaLuna






Ahh, LaLuna!

Although you might be thinking that all I’m doing in Grenada is lying on a beach, lying on a beach, and more lying on a beach, my weekdays here are not usually spent on the beach, despite the fact that this post might make you really not believe me at all, haha!

Last week Carly, Jason and I spent our day at beautiful, stunning and gorgeous LaLuna Resort. We paid for a day-pass which meant we could use all their facilities and also get a 30 minute massage *oh the good life!*

LaLuna was an experience itself with picturesque views. We spent the whole day enjoying life, by not doing much at all and letting our muscles relax during our spa! Actually, Jason and I did try some stand-up paddling and fortunate for us, we don’t have any pictures because we didn’t really master the task. Well, I stood up, but the wind was quite strong so I ended up wayyy out into the ocean and had to swim my way back with the board, haha!



Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to participate in the yoga lesson, but I think Anna will come back very soon (rumour has it her family is arriving in a week 🙂 )

DSC_0038So I would recommend everyone books their tickets to Grenada right this second and spends a day at LaLuna, because it was pretty great 🙂

For now, I’m off to the Bel Air Children’s Home and then I’m meeting up with some friends tonight!

Have a great weekend everyone! x

2 thoughts on “Spa Day at LaLuna

  1. Hei Anna😊Ord blir helt overflødige! Såååå vakkert og jeg er bare “bitte lite grand misunnelig” Nå deler du alle disse vakre plassene med familien din og det må jo bare være fantastisk for alle parter😊Lev vel❤️Klem


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