I experienced CARRIACOU CARNIVAL 2015 ! And what an experience!


I’m not quite sure where to start in trying to explain carnival to you, so I put together a video instead which I hope will give a good impression of everything I experienced.

Just before you watch it here’s just a little Carnival background information:

  • Carnival in Carriacou takes place on Monday and Tuesday of the third week in February every year in Carriacou
  • Monday morning starts with jouvert (pronounced juvé) early in the morning which involves partying and throwing paint on each other. The jouvert also includes the jab-jab which originates from the slavery that took place on the Caribbean islands a long time ago. This is where the men paint themselves with black paint and chant.


We woke up at 4:30 for the morning jouvert


Denzel and I after Jouvert


The Jab-Jab men

  • There are parades on Monday and Tuesday where people dress up in costumes and they are in ‘bands’. So you sign up for different bands where everyone dresses up similarly


So now that you know a little bit more about carnival – ENJOY 🙂

(Remember to watch the video in the highest resolution possible!)

2 thoughts on “CARRIACOU CARNIVAL 2015

  1. I grew up in Grenada and miss the carnivals – glad you were able to experience the Carriacou Carnival – the Grenada Carnival will be here before you know it!! ENjoy that too -I look forward to another video from you on Grenada 🙂


    • Thanks for the comment! I’ll be posting lots of photos from Grenada and a video from time to time!
      I loved the carnival. Unfortunately I won’t be here for the Grenadian one, but it’s a good excuse to come back for it another time 🙂


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