Explore: Carriacou

Hello everyone!

Lack of internet has meant no blogging – but I found some working wi-fi so we good 🙂

A little update since last time you heard from me; on Friday morning I left for an island called Carriacou! Carriacou is part of Grenada and is a 2 hour ferry trip away from Grenada. They are having their carnival on Monday and Tuesday so I decided to go check it out.


Leaving St. Georges, Grenada


Just a sailboat and the ocean

I arrived in Carriacou after a pretty bumpy ferry ride. I didn’t have a ride to go the where I was staying so I was happy to hear someone asking “Taxi? Taxi?”. This guy didn’t exactly have a taxi, but he had a car and took people different places. He gave me his business card and it said architect and designer. He had also worked as a secondary school teacher, haha! He very kindly offered to give me a tour of the island, so before I knew it I was eating lunch with Randolph before my 2-hour Carriacou tour!


Any modeling companies out there? I’m available, haha! 

DSC_0080 The first stop was the hospital on Carriacou. I got a chance to get a peak inside and it was extremely primitive. Interestingly enough they had a separate ward for males and females. There were currently 7 patients in the hospital, haha!


Randolph then took me to see a very special and unique cemetery…it was located on the beach! Quite creepy actually.


The dead get the best views on the island, haha! 

We also passed a group of children getting ready for the carnival!


Carriacou only has a population of 8,000 people and is only 34 squared km big/small. It was a really beautiful island, very lush and green. It was very poor though and apart from the main city, Hillsborough, the rest of the island is made up of small villages which are quite poor.


Overlooking the main city, Hillsborough


Like, people ride donkeys…

Thanks to Randolph for an excellent tour!!


I hadn’t planned the trip very far ahead, so when I was looking for accommodation a lot was fully booked because of the carnival. But I found one place which had space which was called Hope’s Inn. It is located about 10 minutes from the town and is on a beach called Paradise beach 🙂 The guest house is very simple and quite run-down but it works!

DSC_0038 DSC_0043

Quite correctly named, Paradise Beach

DSC_0046The good life 

More updates will come shortly!

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