Thursday Bonfire Night


After Lindsay and I made some frieeends during our scuba dive last weekend, we were invited along to have a bonfire on Grand Anse beach as it was the night of the full moon!

Before we met Laura and Andre for the bonfire I joined Lindsay’s zumba lesson, which was so much fun (and so exhausting!!).

First step was starting the fire, which you can see Laura completed very well (although we did contribute a little to global warming with our burning of plastics, but you got to do what you got to do 🙂 )



With the full moon in the background and the fire going, the mood was set! 


Laura and Andre had done an excellent shopping round and bought us all some hot dogs, chips, cookies and chocolates for smores and of course some wine!


With my excellent nature skills I made us all some excellent sticks to put the hotdogs on *proud*!


Laura, Lindsay and myself


Check out our cosy little set-up! Haha, can you spot Andre in the background? 


Crisis: Marshmallow on fiiiiiire!! 

It was an absolutely amazing evening! So much fun hanging out with Linsay, Andre and Laura! We told ghost stories, had good laughs and had a compulsory midnight swim. Doing things like this really makes me so happy I decided to take a gap year and I feel I’m filling my life with lots of amazing experiences!

2 thoughts on “Thursday Bonfire Night

  1. Hallo Anna. Party, party, party 😉😆😎. Jeg har ingen problemer med å se at “you are having the time og your life”! Der du er så virker det som om de feirer alt som kan feires med en god fest 🍸🍻. Kos deg videre og jeg gleder meg til å få oppdateringer underveis. Klem fra Tone


    • Hehe! Ja livet er ikke så hardt… Men sånn skal det jo også være noen ganger 🙂 Jeg trives i hvertfall veldig og føler jeg får mange interessante opplevelser!
      Stor klem fra meg til alle


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