Party time with my girls!

Hey everyone! 

I have started working at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital and I am loving it! There is always a lot to take in and a lot to get used to the first couple of days when you are going to a new place, but it seems like a great project. Of course I am also counting down the days now until my family arrives on Friday *3 days – can’t wait*!!

Last week on Tuesday I had an absolutely lovely evening with the girls at St. George’s as there was a big evening planned for everyone. It was Awards Night, which is an event they do at the end of each year where the Home gives out various awards to the girls.


There was a lovely dinner prepared for everyone as well as presents for all the girls as well!


We spent almost 2 hours before we left to the venue, doing girl-stuff; getting ourselves ready! Hair had to be washed and straightened, outfits had to be picked, nails had to be painted and suddenly all the girls looked absolutely gorgeous and dressed up!


Lauren and me

(Lauren is old enough and is allowed to give me permission to show you her and share her name)


Jeavonte looked absolutely stunning in her pink princess dress ❤ 

(She is the daughter of one of the house moms at St. George’s so I have the permission to show you her as well) 

After a lovely dinner it was time to give out some of the awards, which range from academic awards to awards such as who has been the biggest helping hand, who always smiles, who always gives in their homework on time, who spreads the most joy around the Home and so on!





After the handing out of the awards, it was time to dance! 


Back home, when you’re at a party, say a children’s party, and you ask them to dance, my experiences says you will struggle to get people on the dance floor. You’ll need to encourage and really push people to dance, but at St. Georges, Graeme (the manager) wasn’t even able to finish his sentence of “And now it’s time to start dancing” before 2 of the girls were busy out on the dance floor showing off their moves!

DSC_0474 DSC_0487DSC_0525

Christopher is also a volunteer who is working at St. George’s   DSC_0557 DSC_0607

The girls have incredible moves! 


Qwethu goes to dance school and got a chance to show off on the dance floor 🙂


Here is Graeme with 2 of ‘his’ girls! Graeme is known as uncle Graeme to all the girls. He is the director of St. George’s and has been at the Home for 7 years now. His work with the girls is quite incredible, his office door is almost always open and the girls love sitting in his office and talking to him about this and that. He is a great role model for the girls and is a big part of their lives. One day I went to office to just ask him about something, and before I knew it I had been in there for 2 hours with girls coming in and out and Graeme didn’t end up going home before 9 in the evening!

DSC_0684 DSC_0696

The girls then all received big boxes of presents which had been donated by various people – so everyone had big smiles on their faces!


It had been a long evening and by the end of it we were all very exhausted just like Lauren here! I had left my camera with one of the girls, so when I got home I had 678 photos from the evening haha! I felt so lucky have been able to take part in the evening – I had had such a great time with all the girls!

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