The Great South African Bake Off


There has been no Internet available while I’ve been away in Port Elizabeth at the horse show, so apologies for no updates. But now I am back in Cape Town and ready for my last week at St. George’s. It has been a really great weekend filled with lots of sunshine, wind and LOTS and LOTS of horses – but a full update on everything later! First I wanted to show you some pictures of what Emma and I were up to last Friday 🙂

Last Friday and Emma and I decided we would bake some cupcakes for the girls at St. George’s as a small and kind gesture.




The cupcakes turned out absolutely gorgeous and I think the girls really enjoyed us bringing them with.



It felt good to contribute with a little something for the girls. The girls at St. George’s have quite a lot of clothes, shoes and other accessories, so they are not in need of as many resources as the children at Fikelela were. Therefore, it felt more appropriate to contribute with a ‘memory’ rather than ‘things’.




DSC_0290There has been a lot going on at St. George’s the past three weeks and I’m really, really enjoying myself there. It was a bit harder to get to know some of the older girls because they’ve seen a lot of volunteers come and go, so when there is a new one, they don’t get so involved at first. But by coming every day for 3 weeks now, I’ve gotten quite close to some of them. We can sit and just talk for hours about this and that – just proper girl talk. A lot of the girls love to play various games outside, so we run around playing hide and seek, jumping on the trampoline, playing tag, or playing various ball games – they’re always up to something! It’s great to see that they are good at keeping themselves busy because they continuously stimulate themselves with various activities and get good exercise from it as well.



Now, I’m going to have a quick nap, seeing as I got up 5am this morning to catch my flight and when you’re at a horse show it’s uncommon to sleep longer than 6am!

You’ll hear from me soon 🙂

One thought on “The Great South African Bake Off

  1. Hallo Anna. Fint å høre fra deg igjen, du har jo skjemt oss bort med de fine reiseskildringene dine som du krydrer med de fine bildene😊Nam nam får jo vann i munnen av de lekre muffinsene👍Vi bakte pepperkaker sammen med Mina i går som vi pyntet med non stopp og dekor, de ble riktig fine ☺️Jeg har trent både Zumba og yoga i kveld , morsomt og krevende!! Lev vel 😀 Vi gleder oss til neste brev ❤️Klem fra tante Else Gro


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