1, 2, 3, JUMP!


Good Morning, and welcome to the Glenellen Horse Jumping Show 2014, sponsored by Woolworths! 

Haha, well a couple days ago I attended my first horse event and that’s something along the lines of what I heard the commentator say from the speakers!

Emma has always been riding horses, but last year she was as lucky as to get her very own horse. She spends a lot of time riding and this time she was competing at a horse jumping show. The competition lasted 3 days in total and Ronney, Doug and I were faithful spectators every day 🙂


There is a lot of preparation before a horse can compete in the show and the horse jumps for about 70 seconds in total – so there’s a lot of commitment and work for not too much time actually spent competing; so I’m impressed by all the ‘horse people’s’ dedication!


Nombres (Emma’s horse) in front of the stable


Emma’s ready to go


Ronney with Nombres


It was a very pretty course that we came to and it was such fun watching all the horses jump. This ‘horse world’ was a world I had never given a thought to or been anywhere near, but it was such a social and fun place to be!

It was also a lot of fun taking pictures of flying horses (indeed they did fly), so here are a couple of photos from the show!


Emma and Nombre’s turn to jump the course

DSC_0381 DSC_0382 DSC_0384

horse emma jumping 1

1, 2, 3, Jump! 

Horse emma jumping 2

After Emma had completed her course, we stayed to watch some of the other riders jump the higher jumps – I just can’t get over how high these animals can jump!!

Horse jumping 1


It was very interesting to get a glimpse into the horse world and this weekend I will really be a part of these horse people 🙂

Ronney, Emma and I left at 5 this morning to drive to Port Elizabeth (located 8 hours east of Cape Town). Emma is participating in the South African junior championships and I get to come with and see. I will fly back alone on Monday, while Emma and Ronney will stay in PE until Thursday.

I’m very excited about seeing another part of South Africa and I’m sure I’ll have an amazing couple of days!

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