Muizenberg, South Africa

Muizenberg was such a stunning little city so I thought you might enjoy some photos. Muizenberg is known for its amazing surfing conditions as well as the very colourful houses that you can find on its beach.

I won’t write too much this time, you can just enjoy the pictures 🙂


It has quite the train ride too! Look at the view from the train station 🙂


Surf time in Muizenberg


It’s well-known colourful houses along the beach – they make for such cool photographs

DSC_0297Muizenberg houses



With such open waters, you can imagine it can get quite windy as well – so what do you do when it’s windy – get out your kites!


A windy day in Muizenberg 


I just couldn’t get enough of these houses – so cool no?  

You’ll soon get an update on what I was up to last week where I had my first week at St. George’s Home for Girls 🙂

Have a great Wednesday!

One thought on “Muizenberg, South Africa

  1. Hallo igjen Anna😊utrolig sjarmerende hus som ikke trenger særlig tekst. Bildene dine taler for seg! Nydelig bilde av selveste Annamor også. Jeg har trent 90 min yoga i kveld og er passe sliten og fornøyd. Lev vel og nyt😍Klem fra tante Else – Gro.


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