Stoked Backpackers

During my stay in Muizenberg I stayed at a place called Stoked Bakcpackers and I just wanted to share some pictures of how I lived for that week.


Stoked was located exactly 30 seconds from the train station, so although I had to hear the trains pass by when I was in my room, it was super convenient when I was off to Simons Town every morning.


This is me taking a picture from the train station; it literally took 30 seconds

Although I only had a week at Stoked, I could settle in quite well, spread all my belongings in my room and make myself comfortable. This is always such a nice feeling when you’re out traveling, to be able to settle in and make yourself feel comfortable somewhere.

Here you can see my room, which I had to myself for 3 of the 6 nights, but otherwise I only shared it with one girl, so I could keep a bit of my stuff everywhere 🙂


When you’re out traveling it’s usually the small things that count. So just being able to keep my shampoo and shower stuff in the shower every day makes life just that little bit easier. Or having a night stand where I can spread my things makes me feel just a little bit more at home!DSC_0007

Stoked Backpackers also has an absolutely incredible view from the kitchen!


With this view I had absolutely no problem making my own food. It was actually quite nice to make my own dinners again, because then I could have exactly what I wanted. So I had some delicious meals every night and eating them to this stunning view didn’t hurt!


They also had a great cafe there with lots of delicious snacks and food. I spent a lot of time there because it was where the Wifi was working while I was there. Henry made me some delicious orange juices and nacho plates!

Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone at Stoked Backpackers for making my stay really great! I had an amazing time in Muizenberg, much thanks to my great accommodation! It’s not impossible that I’ll be back quite soon 🙂


One thought on “Stoked Backpackers

  1. Hei igjen! Jeg har lest meg opp på bloggen din igjen. Som du vet har vi vært i NY i 8 dager. Vi hadde flotte dager der. Du opplever fortsatt masse. Bildene du legger ut er fantastiske og de forteller meg hvor vakkert det er der. Nå får jeg lyst til å reise til Cape Town også!
    Det du opplever må være stort å oppleve! Du ser ut til å være født til dette arbeidet. Nydelige bilder av deg og barna. Dagene med deg må være viktig for disse barna.
    Dykking er ikke noe for meg, men jeg synes du er tøff som tør!!!
    Ønsker deg gode dager videre:) klem


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