The end of the beginning

It’s Monday today and on Friday I had my last day at Fikelela, after a total of 5 weeks there. It was incredibly sad having to say good bye to all the children and Ed and Heather practically had to drag me into the car. I will miss each and every one of the children so so much!


It’s incredible how fast one can get attached to people and to places. 5 weeks ago I had no idea who these 40 children were and had never been to Fikelela, and on Friday I felt like I was leaving a place I knew in and out. The 40 children who had just been 40 faces on my first day had become strong personalities which I have gotten strongly attached to. They are all such incredible individuals and it’s heartbreaking to know that they haven’t been properly taken care of by their parents.


IMG_9828 They love being photographed, but they also love taking photos – although sometimes they (literally) don’t get the whole picture

My amazing little boy

It didn’t take long to adapt to the routine at Fikelela and it has felt so amazing to be able to give love to the children there. Each child deserve so much love so it has felt good to have the chance to contribute to this.

Each and every one of them have amazing skills, whether it’s being good at dancing, football, gymnastics, maths, english, eye-hand coordination; I just want to spend all my effort and time on each child to give them everything they need to pursue their dreams and wishes and their talents, but unfortunately my few hours needs to be distributed between 40 of them. With the time I have had though, I have tried to give each of them some ideas for what they can do with what they enjoy doing the most.

IMG_9737 IMG_0031 IMG_0078


All my fantastic girls

I have also come to love living at Pats at Broadlands. Every night when we arrive at around 7:45, I always have a long chat with Shelagh before we go have dinner. In the morning Shelagh, Pat, and I have had long and funny discussions around the breakfast table, and when Morgan joins us for lunch, there are few quiet moments (this is probably also because he always brings 4 of his dogs with him). They are such warm hearted people and have really made me feel at home at Broadlands. I will really miss seeing them around every day.


Lunch time at Broadlands


Pat, me and Madube, Pat’s Great Dane

My 5 weeks at Fikelela have truly been the perfect way to start my year alone and far away from home. Although Pat’s house smelled of animals and old chicken (which is everywhere seeing as it’s used as the dog food) and I felt a bit out of place at Fikelela, not exactly knowing how I could help or what I should do – but as soon as 2 weeks had passed, I had completely adapted to the routine (and to the smell!!), and from then on I’ve just been feeling more and more at home!


The girls hard at work


I will miss the comfortable routine I had while working at Fikelela, but just like I experienced, I know I will quickly settle in at St. Georges’s Home for Girls as well.

First of all though, I am going to a place called Muizenberg today. I will stay at a backpackers there for the next week. I will then take a train every day to a place called Simon’s Town where I will be doing my PADI scuba diving course! So I’m very excited about that! I will make sure to keep you up to date on everything I’m doing there 🙂


The famously colourful houses in Muizenberg


This will be my home for the next week

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 12.31.11 PM

The journey I will be taking by train back and forth every day


This will probably be me tomorrow…

scuba 2

… And then at the end of the week, this might be me as well

See you soon 🙂

4 thoughts on “The end of the beginning

  1. Får vondt i hjertet når jeg leser om disse barna og din farvel med de. Heldige deg som får oppleve dette. Er sikker på at alle du møter og alt du gjør forandrer en som person. Takk for at du deler alle dine fantastiske opplevelser med oss!


    • Ja, det er veldig hjerteskjærende, men det gir jo samtidig så mye når jeg er der. Det er sant som du sier, det er mange inntrykk så det blir veldig naturlig å forandre seg etter det man opplever.

      Håper alt står bra til med deg og dine i Lux!



  2. Gleder meg hver gang jeg åpner siden din,tenk så mye du har opplevd på så kort tid.Dykkerkurs på gang det er noe for deg,men pass deg for Haiene,he he .Klem.


  3. Det var så rørende å lese om samspillet mellom deg og barna på Fikelela. Takk for at du deler de flotte og sterke opplevelsene med oss Anna. Takk for at vi får være med på reisen❤️

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