6am Kayaking


Sunday morning Lucy, Sylvia, Tina, Helene and I were driving around the streets of Cape town at 5:30 am!! We were going kayaking and seeing as it was 6am, we got to see the sunrise! Heather’s son Aiden and Ed also came with us and what a morning it was!


There wasn’t a cloud on the sky, and the sun was rising slowly but surely – it was so absolutely gorgeous! It was just so peaceful paddling on the calm waters, just you and the ocean, the sun rising; it felt good for the soul 🙂


Here I am with my Kayak partner #2! 



We didn’t see any whales this time but we saw something called a sunfish, quite an appropriate name I think. We saw the fin above water and then it swam right under our kayak. Someone got a great shot of the fish as you can see below.

1743440_982687298413737_2969016837618139156_n 1378802_982687351747065_1937699982961524414_n

It was a great (and early) way to start a Sunday morning.

Unfortunately, it was the last day I would be seeing all the norwegian girls. They all left to go back home to Norway that day. I’ve been so lucky to have them around! Going to dinners with them on the weekends, exploring Cape Town together, having great company in the room! It’s been so great to get to know them and I’ll really miss having them around. They’ve been very warm hearted to let this strange norwegian girl hang out with them for the past 5 weeks, but to my pleasure they’ve always let me come with! So hopefully we can all meet up some time in Norway in not too long! Best of luck for the rest of your studies guys 🙂


Thanks for the good times! 

2 thoughts on “6am Kayaking

  1. Tusen takk for fine ord, søte Anna! Vi savner deg veldig mye ❤ Vi har hatt det så kjekt sammen og vi er veldig glad for at vi har fått muligheten til å bli kjent med deg! Håper du koser deg masse videre i Cape Town, selvom de kule jentene fra Bergen har reist hjem! 😀 😀

    XOXO – Vilde, Rita, Irene og Camilla ❤


    • Heii XOXO :))
      Håper livet i Norge ikke er for kjedelig uten meg..
      Beina – håper dere leser masse og jobber hardt så dere snart kan være kjøpe flinke sykepleiere! Savner dere masse ❤️❤️


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