Activity time

Hello everyone! 

Last week, Alex and I were very busy with the children every afternoon. Now that Alex had arrived, it was easier to do various activities with the children because well there’s about 20 of them (the older children) and there was one of me so … chaos! But now that he is here we actually got to do some fun activities with the older kids.


So, I went out and bought some paper plates! I cut out a circle from the middle of the plate, so I was left with a ring. There was some paint at Fikelela, so with paint and plates the children were ready to go!

They got to paint each of the plates in a colour of their choice and then we let the plates dry until the next day.



The next day, Alex and I glued 3 toilet rolls together to make a small tower. We then glued this to the ground and the children could throw their paper plate rings on to the towers. It looked like the children really enjoyed the activity and although the paper plates ended being used as frisbees, it seemed like everyone was having a lot of fun.


Trying to take pictures while the children were doing the activity was pretty impossible, seeing as you have to be everywhere at once, but hopefully you get the idea!

It’s really good for the children to practice simple things such as how to hold a paintbrush, or even the simple movement of throwing the ring over the tower. It really doesn’t have to be more complicated than this activity for the children to learn valuable skills. Any form of stimulation for the children is better than nothing – so this was our little contribution to expose them to a different activity.

We also did some work with play-doh with the younger children, once again just getting them to touch various textures, pressing out shapes, rolling the play-doh flat, it’s just very important for them to be exposed to various activities.


Also just though I would share the beautiful sky over Khayelitsha as we left Fikelela!

2 thoughts on “Activity time

  1. Well done with your cool activity – as you say – it doesn’t have to be so complicated – simple is mostly the best
    Keep up with your good work.
    Love mom


  2. Hei På deg Anna ,det er både morsomt og inyresangt å følge deg videre på ferden.Det er nok nye ting som skjer hele tiden,men det er nok godt å være engasjert Med ting som otreserer deg.følger deg videre Anna,Take care.Klem.


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