Hey everyone!  I have had so many things to share with you that it has taken some time before I’ve gotten you up to date with what I’ve been doing for the last 2 weeks. So here comes an update on what I’ve been up to lately! First of all, I have gotten myself a […]

Surf’s Up!

After I had finished my scuba diving course, I thought I would challenge myself just a little bit further by trying some suurfing!  It didn’t take long before I learned that surfing is not easy! I knew it would be difficult, because I’ve never quite understood how those surfers get up on their boards, but that I […]

Day 4: The best day of my life (PS. I saw sharks)

It was the last day of our scuba diving Open Water course and I would probably rank it as one of the top 10 days in my life. I still can’t believe it really took place, it did indeed feel like it was a bit too good to be true and I feel extremely privileged and […]