Garden Walk

Sunday last week was an absolutely gorgeous day; sun, 30 degrees and blue sky – anyone up in Europe slightly jealous of this weather? (Although I must admit I do miss big sweaters and cold days at times).

Seeing at it was such a beautiful day, I decided to drag Amalie with me again and we had a nice walk in a park called Company Gardens. It’s just 5 minute walk from Ashanti, so off we went!

And what a beautiful place it turned out to be! Beautiful paths, grass areas and flower everywhere. We decided we would have to come back and have a picnic one day!


There were also an area known as the rose garden, where there were, surprise surprise, roses!




We also came across this fun little camping wagon which sold some cool drinks and snacks. What a cozy little sitting area just outside!


A bit further down the path, we also stumbled across a little auction. To our amusement, it was a plant auction. “19 cm tall, 20 years old”, “Starting at 500”, “Do I hear 550, 600, going once going twice”. Haha it might be a thing, but we couldn’t really see how interesting a plant auction could be…

What we also came across were some giant swings amongst the trees – so of course we had to try these out!



It was a great little walk and we went to go grab some lunch after.

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