“African” market


After Amalie, Alex, and my visit to Bo-Kaap on Saturday, we strolled to the Greenmarket Square, which is just a 5 minute walk from Bo-Kaap. Off to the market we went!

There is a market at the Greenmarket Square every day until 5pm. Selling anything from bags, to paintings to jewelry, small giraffe and elephant statues, clothes, bags – you name it! And seeing as we came there at 4:30, of course everything was “closing price, closing price for you”. 


Colours are plentiful – that’s Africa for you


It’s definitely a place you shouldn’t spend more than about 30 minutes at, seeing as “looking is for free, touching is for free”, “you like? you like?” “closing price, closing price”, “150? Closing price for you 120?” “You like, you like” “touching for free, looking for free”, “120? For you, special price 100” … and so on! You get the idea – if you ever need a motivated and eager seller – this is the place to find them; but of course as a tourist, after 30 minutes it drives you a little crazy.


Despite the over eagerly sellers, they all sold absolutely gorgeous products. Colours everywhere and a true ‘market feel’ to the place.

DSC_0265 DSC_0271

I’ll definitely be returning to go on a little shopping spree. I love markets after all, so I won’t be too hard to convince to go back to this one! 

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