Day #14: Saturday in Cape Town

Hey everyone,

It’s been 3 weeks since I arrived now and time is starting to fly by!

Due to “African” internet, sickness, and me starting to adapting to “South Africa” time, I’m far, far behind on updates – but better late than never!


Yes, this post card I found speaks the truth

This will be the last one of my “day” posts, as life started getting into a bit more of a routine after this, but I hope you have enjoyed getting updates on my day to day life J

After a wonderful night at Mike and Patricia’s, the three of us were off to a place called The Old Biscuit Mill, located in Woodstock, a bit outside of Cape Town.

We took a quick stop at a place called Big Bay; is it possible not to love this city?DSC_0097

A great view of Table Mountain with Devil’s Peak to the left and Lion’s Head to the right


Breathtaking – it’s beautiful!


Quite a cool restaurant fi you feel like eating with your feet in water 🙂


Here Mike, Patricia and I are sitting on one of the several yellow frames which are located around Cape Town 

Woodstock used to be quite a sketchy area of Cape Town, but after “The Old Biscuit Mill” started, it has really started to improve over the last 5 years. Woodstock was a really cool area with lots of small retro stores and coffee shops. After having a quick look here and there, we came to this “Old Biscuit Mill” place. I thought we were going to a mill that makes biscuits, but haha – that wasn’t really the case.


Instead, we got to a very up-beat market, full of life. There was a great atmosphere around, lots of young people buzzing everywhere – a really cool place! There were small market stands everywhere, where you could buy clothes, bags, jewellery etc, which was often hand made or designed by local people. There were also some very cute stores filled with very cool things you unfortunately don’t need, and the main event was probably the large food market.

This market takes place at the Old Biscuit Mill every Saturday morning – and indeed it was busy!

DSC_0115 DSC_0109



They even had belgian waffles – I felt at home 🙂

There is a restaurant called “The Test Kitchen”, which is located in the actual Old Biscuit Mill. It has an approximately 3 month waiting list!!!


I really really liked this place and I’ll definitely be coming back very soon.

I ended the day off making myself a lovely little taco, following family tradition of having tacos every Saturday J


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