Day #11 & #12

Hello again!

Wednesday and Thursday last week I spent at Fikelela as well.

The routine for the days I’m at Fikelela goes as follows:


Every Tuesday and Thursday Ed and Heather pick me up to either go to the mall or to go to an internet cafe 🙂

At Fikelela, my ‘job’ is to help out the sisis (sisi is the name for the women who work at the orphanage, short for sister) with the children. The older children (4-8 years) who go to school, come home from school around 14:30. The smaller ones usually sleep until this time. But at 14:30 the fun begins!

IMG_9286 IMG_9287

It is time for the older ones to eat and play outside! So, I usually go outside and play with them. It is great for them to be outside, get some fresh air and get use of their energy! This week I would also like to do some specific activities with the children so that they have something specific to do.

At 17:00, it’s time for dinner and I help feed the smaller ones and play with them for a bit as well.

At around 18:00 it’s story time! They absolutely love story time! Heather always goes to the library to get me some books to read, so they sit and listen quietly (most of the time), to the stories.

After story time it’s time to take a bath, so everyone jumps up into the bathtub!

Then Ed or Heather comes to pick me up and I have a quiet and pleasant evening to myself.

I think I will stop doing the day by day posts now (well after I’ve caught you up on my weekend), as the days are starting to become more of a routine and there is not something extraordinary happening every day. I’ll instead give more summaries of what I’ve been up to and I’ll of course let you know if there’s something that you should know about 🙂


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