Day #3

Ubusuku obuhle, Good evening (practicing my Xhosa)

I’ll quickly post a bit about my third day down here before I go to bed, and tomorrow you’ll get gorgeous pictures from the Cape Peninsula (I saw penguins!) !

Yesterday I woke up feeling very tired and exhausted, it was probably the flight trip that hit me a bit late. Therefore, I decided to just enjoy a very relaxed and chill day. I ate breakfast together with the four Norwegian girls. We got talking and got to know each other quite well. I almost felt at home, talking about everyday things in Norwegian 🙂

At around 12, four other Norwegian nursing students, who are traveling with the ones I had met already, arrived at Ashanti. The 4 who had arrived the day before were leaving for the orphanage where they will be working. They will stay there for four day, and after that they switch again with the other group of 4 girls and they’ll keep doing that for one month. So, I will always be around one of the groups when I’m back at Ashanti for the weekends for the next month! (Hoping that makes some sense, got a bit complicated 🙂 )

The rest of the day disappeared to me napping, grabbing some food with the 4 new Norwegian girls who had just arrived and I got to know them well too! We ended up in the bar/restaurant area in the evening where there was a pool (billiard) competition. Although we were just sitting in a corner enjoying some snacks, the people working there insisted we join, so we did and the atmosphere there was really great. Everyone is simply very social around here and you end up talking to everyone! Although I’ll need to practice my pool skills (A LOT) – it was a fun and social evening. We even got a chance to see the Champions League games – big thumbs up for good TV!

IMG_9160 IMG_9161

I promise we didn’t participate in this part of the evening! 

I went to bed quite early knowing that I would have to get up at 6:30 to get ready for my Cape Peninsula Tour! More on that tomorrow morning!

Stay tuned,

– Anna

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