Garden Walk

Sunday last week was an absolutely gorgeous day; sun, 30 degrees and blue sky – anyone up in Europe slightly jealous of this weather? (Although I must admit I do miss big sweaters and cold days at times). Seeing at it was such a beautiful day, I decided to drag Amalie with me again and […]

“African” market

After Amalie, Alex, and my visit to Bo-Kaap on Saturday, we strolled to the Greenmarket Square, which is just a 5 minute walk from Bo-Kaap. Off to the market we went! There is a market at the Greenmarket Square every day until 5pm. Selling anything from bags, to paintings to jewelry, small giraffe and elephant statues, clothes, bags – […]

Bobo Alex

Bobo Alex, or Brother Alex, as they he’s called here. For the past 3 weeks I have been the only volunteer from Ed and Heather’s organization Via Volunteers who has been working at Fikelela and staying at Pat’s, but now there’s another one of us!! His name is Alex Stepniewskiand he is a 19 year […]

Abseil Africa

Hey everyone! Last weekend I did … that! I went abseiling/rappelling down Table Mountain because, well, why not 🙂 I took the cable car up to the top just to make sure I was on time for the abseil. I wasn’t too nervous actually before I got started, just more excited about it and up […]

Mama Anna

It’s only been two weeks at Fikelela, but I’m starting to feel very much at home there now. I had such a great week with the children! I felt a lot more comfortable around the place and I started getting to know the sisis who work there better as well – so I just felt […]

Day #14: Saturday in Cape Town

Hey everyone, It’s been 3 weeks since I arrived now and time is starting to fly by! Due to “African” internet, sickness, and me starting to adapting to “South Africa” time, I’m far, far behind on updates – but better late than never! Yes, this post card I found speaks the truth This will be […]

Day #13: From East to West

Here’s an update on what I did last week Friday! Normally I would have a regular day at Fikelela, but as Mike and Patricia had very kindly invited me to their house I wouldn’t be going to Fikelela after all. The day started off by Ed, Heather and Aiden picking me up at Broadlands at 8:00 […]