Day #2

Good evening!

3rd day in Cape Town is over, but just thought I would give you an update on yesterday’s happening!

My second day in Cape Town started off with Jon and I eating breakfast together. I felt a lot more comfortable knowing that I had someone to spend some time with, as everything was very new and unknown. So Jon showed me a bit around and helped me get my bus pass. He was going to leave for his scuba-diving course around 12, which is also when Ed came to Ashanti with the 4 nursing students who will be volunteering at another orphanage through Via Volunteers as well. I got a quick word with the girls before I left for some sightseeing on a Hop On-Hop Off bus!


It was an absolutely amazing trip and I felt I got a really good overview of the Western Cape! I also saw some amazing views – overall just had a really good time 🙂

I followed the route that I’ve outlined in blue below! I’ve numbered a couple of places on the journey where I took some pictures and I’ve given a little explanation below.


Just to give you an idea of where we are in the world, here is a more zoomed out version (my route outlined in pink) 🙂

Image 1


The journey started off with us passing some beautiful pine trees.



We then drove past gorgeous Cape Town University, which is actually well known for their medical school (is this where I’ll end up?).


Cape Town University


Lush and beautiful roadsides


This is where a world famous botanical garden, called Kirstenboch is located



Driving past this area was very thought-provoking and a special experience. This is where Imizamo Yethu is located, a township in Cape Town. There is very little infrastructure, lack of water facilities and it is very densely populated;33 600 people live on 18 hectare of land! Local people offer tours through the township, but since Fikelela Children’s Home is located in a township itself, I thought I would see everything when I go to the orphanage instead.


Imizamo Yethu Township 


The trip carried on along the coast, where we had a beautiful view all along! I decided to get off the bus at Camps Bay (point 5) because I was starting to get quite hungry and thought I would grab some lunch. To my great surprise (I like to think of this as one of those great little coincidences) I was met by an absolutely stunning beach! I have this immense love for beaches and the ocean so I felt this great joy when I found this beach haha! I then decided to get a take-away lunch and enjoy it with a yummy mango smoothie on the beach. I got a bit carried away with my camera as the waves were so beautiful to look at! I also enjoyed a little nap, but had to move as the tide was getting dangerously close to where I was lying.


Camps Bay Beach

DSC_0138DSC_0162 Waves collageDSC_0247 Sorry about the excessive feet pictures – still feeling slightly awkward taking pictures of myself…


My little picnic area! 

Beach collage

Waves, waves, waves


Clifton is an area in Cape Town where some of the most expensive properties can be found. The luxurious apartments have an incredible view, but due to limited space, the cars are parked on the roof and then they take glass elevators to get to their apartments!


Clifton Bay


Cars parked on roofs of veery expensive apartments


Glass elevator to get people up to their apartments


Here, we saw Cape Town Stadium, which was built for the 2010 World Cup



The last stop was at the V&A Waterfront! This is a huge area consisting of an enormous shopping mall, plenty of restaurants, a harbor, and people everywhere!

Overall it was an amazing day, with lots of photos as you’ve seen! I felt I got a proper view of the very diverse city.

After the bus ride was over, I went to go have dinner with the 4 norwegian girls and we had a great time getting to know each other. I was exhausted after a long day and had a very good night’s sleep 🙂

Today, I’ve had a very relaxing day, without too much going on – but more on that tomorrow (still a day behind with the blogging but I’ll catch up tomorrow and be back on track!) Tomorrow I’m doing another bus tour, but of the Cape Peninsula, which should be good fun!

Good night,

– Anna

6 thoughts on “Day #2

  1. Hei Anna! Du har jo vært mange steder allerede! Jeg ser at det varierer fra fattigdom til rikdom. Stemmer det?Har du det bra der du bor eller? Du har jo lagt ut mange flotte bilder , moro å se. Dette er nok spennende dager for deg tenker jeg. Ønsker deg alt godt! Klem fra Anne-Jorid og Erik


    • Ja det er helt utrolig forskjell!
      Ellers er alt veldig bra – jeg stortrives for tiden så bare håper det fortsetter 🙂 det hjelper veldig å ha de andre norske rundt meg – føler meg mer trygg og litt ‘hjemme’ da:) håper alt er bra med deg og Erik også, Klem!


  2. Hei Anna! Flote bilder fra kjente steder for meg!!! Og…du må opp på Lions Head…der har du en fantastisk utkikk…den turen er mer strabasiøs enn opp til Table Mountain… Gleder meg til å følge deg videre!! Klem!


    • Hver gang jeg går et sted tenker jeg at dette har jo Ingvar sett også, så det er morsomt å vite at du er så godt kjent rundt her også:)
      Jentene og jeg hadde planlagt å gå Table Mountain i dag, bare for å ha gjort det også blir det kanskje Lions Head på Lørdag med solnedgang 🙂 takk for tipset!


      • Hei igjen Anna! Når dere skal opp på Lions Head på lørdag kveld for å se utsikten og solnedgangen, så er nok det på et utkikkspunkt. Helt fantastisk er det! Ta med dere en god vin og glass og sitt og nyt…dere er ikke alene der oppe da. Men det jeg menteå si i mitt forrige innlegg var at – mens du er i Cape – så skal du opp på “hodet” på løven…og du går ikke ned derfra etter at solen har gått ned!!
        Nyt Cape Town, tenker på deg flere ganger om dagen og gleder meg over det du opplever!! Klem!


      • Hei hei!
        Nå ble jeg nysjerrig her! Vi kom bare opp på en topp (som du ser på bildene fra innlegene i dag), var dette utkikkspunktet/hodet på løven? Eller hvor tror du vi kom når du ser på bildene, hehe!
        Jeg vil gjerne ta med lit vin og mat og nyte solnedgangen!!


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