Day #1

Hello from Cape Town!

A bit of a delay with this post, but I’ve been busy busy these past 2 days and haven’t gotten a chance to gather pictures, thoughts, and well, I didn’t have an adapter so I couldn’t charge my computer… But here comes a bit of information on my first day in Cape Town. I’m not quite sure how to structure these upcoming posts with so much going on. To avoid making them too long I figured I could make one post where there’s a basic update on what I’ve been up to, and then another one on my thoughts on everything; hopefully that will work out well!

Well, I survived 🙂 The flight went surprisingly fast and everything went very smoothly. I didn’t exactly have my best nights sleep, but hey, I slept and was woken up to a quite delicious breakfast.


South Africa then decided I wasn’t too much of a danger to them so I was accepted into their country for 3 months!

I was then met by Ed (the Via Volunteer worker) and his wife at the airport and they gave me a quick tour of Cape Town by car. This place is simply absolutely stunning and gorgeous!

They took me to Ashanti Lodge where I’ll be staying for the next week and then every weekend after that.

DSC_0028 DSC_0031 DSC_0014

Then, I came across quite a coincidence! I met the people who are running the Kenako organization, which is the Luxembourgish organization through which I heard about Via Vounteers. Mike Frantz,the president of Kenako, his wife and son were visiting Cape Town and so Ed, his wife, Mike and his family and myself had lunch together. It was very surreal to hear Luxembourgish when I was so far away from Luxembourg!

After a great time at lunch, I returned to Ashanti and had the rest of the afternoon to myself. I decided to go do some simple shopping.


It seems to be a thing for ‘bloggers’ to post pictures of their newly bought items, so here are mine (no designer clothes this time…)


I was very excited about seeing that South Africa also welcome taco in their country!

After my shopping spree, I took a map of Cape Town from the reception and did some sightseeing by myself. I’ll post some more pictures from that in the next post.

Then I came across coincidence number 2! There was a Norwegian guy, Jon, who is doing a scuba-diving course with Via Volunteers this week and I briefly saw him when I arrived in the morning. So when I headed home to Ashanti after my walk I met him on the way. He was going to go have some dinner so I decided to join him and we had a great time. We also decided on getting breakfast together the next morning!

After a long day and with little sleep on the plane, I was very ready for a soft bed! and I slept like a baby!

Everyone I’ve met have been extremely welcoming and very generous. Cape Town seems to be filled with endless possibilities and I’m very excited about getting to know the city well. 

DSC_0021Quite the view from Ashanti!


You’ll hear from me soon,

– Anna

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