Cape Town next!

Guten Tag everyone!

Writing to you from Frankfurt am Main airport right now, hence the German, and I am having quite the time in their “Leisure zone”, abusing their free Wi-Fi 🙂

IMG_9106 IMG_9109

Well today is the day!! The 27th of September did eventually arrive. It’s a day that has always seemed so far away in the future. Whenever people asked me when I would be leaving to South Africa, I would tell them, “In quite a long time, towards the end of September”. Then September came along and I would tell people “Towards the end of the month – yes, yes, I still have a lot of time in Luxembourg.” Eventually I could say, “I’ll be leaving in about 2 weeks. If I’ve started packing? -No, not yet..” But today, TODAY is when I leave. Today is the day when I have packed, today is the day when I will have to say good bye to my family, today is the day I leave for Cape Town! I don’t think I’ll completely believe it until I get there, which will be … tomorrow!

The day started off with a lovely breakfast!

Then I had to go finish off my packing (I tend to end up doing things the last minute). Then, I leave for the airport…

I check in my bag, and look at what I managed – I packed under 20kg for 6 whole months *proud*!

IMG_9090 IMG_9099

I said good bye to the two people I love the most in the whole world (that would be my parents) and who I will probably miss everyday until the day I see them again (counting down until Christmas already)!

I enter the smallest plane I have ever been on, my bag doesn’t even fit in the overhead lockers….

I arrive at Frankfurt airport and have about 5 hours to spend – so I eat with a nice view, I buy a comfortable pillow, I buy some more food, some candy, I send my application off to university (as you do in airports haha!) and now boarding is in about one hour!

DSC_0015 DSC_0021

The plane leaves at 20:20 and 12 hours later I will have arrived in Kappstadt as they say here in Germany (I was very confused at first haha). I plan on eating, sleeping, reading, watching a movie – so it really shouldn’t be that bad! Hopefully I’ll make friends with the person next to me too 🙂

At the moment I don’t really have any words for what I’m feeling. I’m of course extremely excited to arrive and begin my adventures, but it was also the strangest feeling in the whole world to have to say good bye to my family for such a long period of time! I will miss Luxembourg, my family and my friends SO MUCH, but hopefully the next 3 months in South Africa will be a time where I make a lot of new friends and gain a lot of exciting experiences!

Next time you’ll hear from me – I’LL BE IN CAPE TOWN! For now, my next mission is to make my 13kg hand luggage a 7kg hand luggage…

Wish me luck and until next time,


6 thoughts on “Cape Town next!

  1. Lykke til fineste Anna, gleder meg til å følge deg disse 6 månedene. Vi skal ta vare på mamma, pappa, Ingrid og Christian, så får du ta godt vare på deg selv. Du kommer til å treffe så mange fantastiske, inspirerende og herlige mennesker som kommer til å forandre livet ditt. Nyt og ta vare på alle øyeblikk!
    Stor klem, Cecilie


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