P for Present and Photography

Molo, hello in Xhosa!

Yesterday, I received just a little something from my oh-so kind and generous parents – a new camera lens! 



It’s so beautiful 🙂 

I got the actual camera itself 3 years ago for my confirmation together with a smaller lens. As I am off on my travels, I’m very excited about having a slightly bigger lens too capture some hopefully amazing moments!

The new lens I got is a 55-300mm and the one I had previously was a 55mm.


There is quite a big difference between the two lenses in terms of how much they zoom. The following two photos have been taken by me standing at the same place – quite the difference!



I’ve always enjoyed taking photos but unfortunately I’ve never known a lot about photography or how my camera works. I’ve just put it on automatic and snapped away.. However, this is something I wish to change during my stay in South Africa. WIth a new lens and amazing landscapes around me, I’m going to find some time and read up on my camera, photography, and how it all works, which will hopefully lead to some great pictures and in turn some amazing memories I can look back on!

Here are just some snapshots of me having a play with it and using Mira as my model 🙂




 So, thank you so much to my amazing parents for their not-so little going away present for me, I’m 100% sure it will be used plenty!


12 thoughts on “P for Present and Photography

  1. You better post some beautiful photos then, I am very excited to see how this year is going to be for you. Thank you for taking your time sharing your experience! 🙂 Much love


  2. Hei vennen.
    vi har prøvd og ring deg , men regner med at du har nok å passe på akkuratt nå.

    vi ønsker deg en riktig god tur, ta vare på deg selv og kos deg masse.
    Vi er glad i deg,

    Klem fra Mina og Anders


  3. Hej Anna
    Så spændende for dig at have denne tur, og vi gjæder os rigtig meget til at følge din tur og oplevelser her, tak fordi vi kan 🙂
    – Pas godt på dig selv og sug alle oplevelserne til dig, denne tur vil præge dit liv FOR EVER.
    KJEMPE KLEM fra din danske famile Johnny & Mari-Ann


  4. Hei Anna. Det er så spennende å følge deg. Du har en “god penn” og det er lett å se deg for meg. Fint å høre at du trives. Lykke til videre. Jeg følger med ! (var ikke klar over at det er så mange nordmenn der nede)

    Hilsen Anders


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