Day #2

Good evening! 3rd day in Cape Town is over, but just thought I would give you an update on yesterday’s happening! My second day in Cape Town started off with Jon and I eating breakfast together. I felt a lot more comfortable knowing that I had someone to spend some time with, as everything was […]

Thoughts: Day 1

Here come a couple of my thoughts after my first day in Cape Town. As Ed was giving me a small tour of Cape Town, it didn’t take me long before I realized the immense possibilities for various activities that exist here. Although it is a big metropolitan city, it is very easy to forget […]

Day #1

Hello from Cape Town! A bit of a delay with this post, but I’ve been busy busy these past 2 days and haven’t gotten a chance to gather pictures, thoughts, and well, I didn’t have an adapter so I couldn’t charge my computer… But here comes a bit of information on my first day in […]

Cape Town next!

Guten Tag everyone! Writing to you from Frankfurt am Main airport right now, hence the German, and I am having quite the time in their “Leisure zone”, abusing their free Wi-Fi 🙂 Well today is the day!! The 27th of September did eventually arrive. It’s a day that has always seemed so far away in […]

P for Present and Photography

Molo, hello in Xhosa! Yesterday, I received just a little something from my oh-so kind and generous parents – a new camera lens!  It’s so beautiful 🙂  I got the actual camera itself 3 years ago for my confirmation together with a smaller lens. As I am off on my travels, I’m very excited about having […]

Via Volunteers

Hi again, I’m slowly but surely getting used to this “blogging” concept, so here I go attempting post number 3! The countdown continues and now there are 3 short days before I take-off! I wanted to talk a bit about the organisation I will be traveling with when I go to South Africa. I should […]

My new home!

Hey, I will undoubtedly miss my soft and big double bed in my cosy little room, but when Ashanti Backpackers Lodge is where I will spend a lot of time for the next 3 months, I’m not too concerned! Big thumbs up for a pool!  I just found out today that I will be sharing […]


Hi, I thought I would just start off by introducing myself even though this was mainly created for friends and family. Nevertheless, I’m Anna Thomassen and I’m 18 years old. I graduated from the International School of Luxembourg in June 2014 and will now embark on a gap year. I’ve lived in Luxembourg for most […]